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The mission of the Carbon Cliff-Barstow School District is to prepare our students to be academic and career ready. Trust us to help your child reach their full potential as a confident lifelong learner. We're proud to have Principal Ted Trueblood leading our school alongside Superintendent Eric Lawson. Our staff of 40 educational specialists are eager to foster your child's love for learning.

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The 5 Essentials survey is now available. It is an opportunity for students, teachers, and parents to have a voice in improving their schools. The survey measures five essentials critical for school success, which include effective leaders, collaborative teachers, involved families, a supportive environment, and quality instruction. Please take some time to participate in the survey, and we appreciate the feedback.

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Eagle Ridge School 2023-24 Pre-K Information


Welcome Letter from Superintendent Eric Lawson

August 1, 2022

Dear Eagle Ridge Families,

As we embark upon the upcoming 2022-2023 school year, I am very excited to welcome our staff and students back to Eagle Ridge!

We have done some amazing facility upgrades to our campus starting with our new wall art that displays our school mascot, new carpet in the media center, new tile flooring in the middle school classrooms, gymnasium floor resurfaced, and lots of student / teacher supplies. We are excited to continue making our building up to date and ready for students.

As we put COVID in our rear-view mirror, I encourage you all to embrace what Eagle Ridge has to offer your children and continue supporting our efforts. Our teachers and staff members work tirelessly to create a positive learning experience for all Eagle Ridge students. We will not focus on the past as it has made us stronger and better. Our attention now is on our future and what opportunities we can provide for our students. Our students deserve our best day in and day out. As our school motto reads, "Every Student ~ Every Day" we at Eagle Ridge will give our energy and attention to all students and parents that are ready to make a difference daily.

As the Eagle Ridge Superintendent I feel now more than ever it is time to build positive relationships with our parents. We need your support not only in the good times but also in those challenging times. There have been so many obstacles that we as educators have had to navigate and overcome due to unforeseen circumstances. With your partnership and support we will keep our focus on moving forward one day at a time.

Our staff are here to help. Please do not hesitate to reach out and ask a question or request support. There is a quote I would like to end with, "We are what we believe and what we believe will unify us."

Thank you all for your continued partnership with our district!

August 8th-1st day of Teacher In-Service (Non student attendance day)
August 9th-2nd day of Teacher In-Service (Non student attendance day)
August 10th-1st student attendance day (Full Day)

Mr. Eric Lawson

Eagle Ridge Superintendent

Drop Off-Pick Up Instructions 2022-23

Eagle Ridge Families,


I am reaching out to communicate drop off and pick up procedures in the circle drive, entry drive to the circle drive, and the roadway entering the circle drive.


Drop Off:  PLEASE BE CAUTIOUS AND COURTEOUS of your surroundings.  We are a school and our primary responsibility is to ensure the safety of all children at all times.  When dropping off your child in the morning please do so in quick fashion.  With the circle drive being a small area for vehicles we need you all to work with the district.  Please do not exit your vehicle to walk your child into the building unless you are parked along the South East side (Yellow Bollards) of the circle drive. Pull over far enough that the next vehicle can get by you without going onto the island grass.  You all must work together to keep our children safe at all times.


Pick up:  If you are the first or last car you must work together.  The first car MUST pull all the way around to the South East side (Yellow Bollards) of the circle drive. By doing so you are alleviating cars from having to pass you in the main area of the circle drive.  Please DO NOT PARK ALONG THE LEFT (INSIDE grass) part of the circle drive.  We have no way to exit cars if we are doubled up. RESPECT each other and the safety of all students at ALL times.  As your child comes to your car get them in safely and buckled then depart using caution.  As one car exits another car will follow in line of succession.  If you are parked on the sidewalk side OR the street, please use caution as you move up in line.  Students are walking and running from all directions. 


REMEMBER, WE ARE THE ADULTS.  WE MUST WORK TOGETHER AT ALL TIMES.  Being in a hurry creates careless driving which results in accidents.  


We are in this together so let’s continue to watch out for all children, not just our own.


Have a great day!

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